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We get it, it can be hard to stay positive and uplifted in light of the coronavirus update. However, if you need some good news for a change – you are in the right place. Recently there have been some incredible signs that the atmosphere and various ecosystems are actually improving. 

Recently, scientists have noted ways the earth has improved since Coronavirus outbreak so we wanted to share them with you! Although earth day has passed, we think its important to always be grateful for the ways our planet is healing in the midst of this outbreak.

1. Less Air pollution 

Under out stay-at-home orders we are all driving less which has caused a dramatic drop in air pollution. Satellites have noted a significant reduction in nitrogen dioxide levels worldwide. Nitrogen dioxide is a prominent pollutant edited by cars, buses, and power plants. It is particularly harmful to human health, specifically for people with lung conditions. Also with fewer planes flying, our CO2 emissions have dramatically dropped. 

So, in the midst of our stay-at-home orders, we’d say this is all pretty incredible for such a short period of time.

2. Less noise pollution 

I bet you haven’t heard a plane over your house for so long? Or cars driving alone your road? Yes, the sweet sound of silence!

We can hear the birds and wildlife more. While you may wonder how this improve the environment – for humans excessive noise can cause high blood pressure, sleeping problems and stress related illnesses in humans.  

Additionally, for marine wildlife, noise in the ocean can increase stress hormone levels which decreases reproductive success. Cruise ships are the main culprits for noise pollution so a reduction of ships has been good for the sea animals with sensitive ears and echolocation system like whales and dolphins. 

At least we can find comfort in improving our marine life and therefore our planet.

3. More peace for wildlife 

Whilst it is great for humans to get out and enjoy nature, with more parks and closing, it is doing a lot of good for wildlife. Scientist are hoping that ecosystems will be much heather by the time humans return to the national parks. 

People all over the world are sharing photos of wildlife like deer and mountain goats venturing closer to civilisation. Hopefully the increase in wildlife will encourage a more symbiotic relationship between humans and animals once this is all over. 

A New Start 

We’re all eager for the day of regular life to start, however, our hope is that through sharing some of the environmental benefits we can look at this time of quarantine as having real positive change for our climate. 

Slowing down human life can have tremendous benefits for our Earth, perhaps we can be more careful of our fast-paced lifestyle. In fact, our hope is that when we return back to work, we are more eager than ever to seek innovative ways to reduce out carbon footprint.

As always, stay safe and stay positive!


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