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Best ways to make CBD part of your routine…

As CBD industry keeps growing (estimated around 1.3 million active UK users), we are beginning to see a rise in the range of applications. The key takeaway is that CBD oils are not simply supplements, yet something that works with users at every stage of their day to day routine. 

At Drops of Heal, we believe there is not one way for all, we all respond differently to various forms of CBD. So how do you make CBD part of your day to day routine? And what form of CBD is right for which occasion? It is our job to provide you with the key points on all our products to help you decipher what’s best for you.

What is CBD?

CBD is an abbreviation for Cannabidiol. CBD is one of many different molecules known as cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant and is non-psychoactive. Cannabinoids are active compounds produced by all cannabis plants. They account for most of the benefits of cannabis. Cannabinoids found in plants are technically called phytocannabinoids, while cannabinoids produced by the human body are called endocannabinoids. Cannabinoids interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which promotes homeostasis. CBD impacts the ECS indirectly by activating outside receptors and interacting with enzymes.

The human endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a system of neurotransmitters and cell membrane receptors. Neurotransmitters such as endocannabinoids are produced by the central nervous system and interacts with cannabinoids receptors on cell membranes to adjust physiological processes at a cellular level. There are two types of cannabinoid receptors in your body:

  1. CB1 receptors – found mostly in the brain and central nervous system (CNS)
  2. CB2 receptors – found throughout the rest of the body in organs, glands, and the immune system.

Why do people use CBD daily?

The reason CBD is integrated into many people’s daily lives is because it promotes homeostasis throughout the body, otherwise known as balance. Rather than acting as an outside contaminant, CBD indirectly stimulates the production of cannabinoids the body already synthesises.

What CBD products are right for you?

This entirely depends on your routine and how you prefer to take it. In our product range we have both topical and edible products. Let’s run through a few examples of how CBD can fit into your everyday routine.

Early morning CBD riser

Best ways to make CBD part of your routine

CBD is known for being used primarily before bed, but using it first thing is a great way to provide consistent support for the endocannabinoid system. For these people, we recommend adding a tbsp of CBD Turmeric Honey to breakfast! A tasty and easy way to start your morning.

Morning CBD gym goer

After your morning exercise regime, whether it be yoga or a crossfit class, applying our CBD Muscle gel or Joint cream can be the perfect way to look after your joints or simply sooth those tired and aching muscles.

CBD on the go

For the get up and go gang, CBD multivitamin drops may be the best way to effectively get in your morning dosage. Not only do you get a high dose of CBD but also a multivitamin kick with MCT meaning it can be absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. It’s perfect on your walk to the train or in your car on your drive to work.

Your CBD break time

Tired and sore joints from training hard or simply sitting at your desk all day? Try our CBD Joint Relief Cream, with 1,000mg of CBD and a powerful combination of Shea butter, olive oil, avocado oil and coconut oil in order to help nourish and moisturise the skin whilst providing a high strength dose. This rich solution allows for long lasting absorption so that you can relish the rejuvenating topical benefits all day.

Early evening CBD

You’ve made it home – now it’s time to make dinner and put your feet up! Add some of our CBD infused extra virgin olive oil to your homemade curry, stir fries or salads. No fuss and delicious!

CBD before bed

After a long day, apply our CBD muscle gel and give yourself a nice massage. Since CBD is so versatile you can use CBD in any way you choose.

We have plenty more products coming in the future, each one designed to play an important role in your day to day life. We love to hear your feedback so do leave us a review and of course keep an eye out for future product developments!

To learn more about CBD, please visit out FAQ page.


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