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Wellness trends may come and go, but one things for sure CBD has and will continue to help many more people. From tinctures, honeys to topical creams, CBD comes in a bunch of forms so this gift guide will help determine what’s best for you and your loved ones this Christmas.

For those who have never tried (or even heard) of CBD before, the CBD market in the United Kingdom is estimated to be just short of 1 billion pounds by 2025. People have shouting the supposed benefits such as helping post workout recovery, chronic pain, anxiety, among many other things. As always, we recommend talking your doctor if you’re worried that CBD may interfere with any current medication you’re on.

As a small business launching this year, we appreciate anyone who buys from us. At Drops of Heal, we are all about simple, thoughtful and effective products. We started out business from our own mental and physical battles which makes our message of healing that much more powerful. If you would like to hear more about our stories head over to our about us page.

Here are 7 CBD giftables:

1. CBD Multivitamin Oil, 500mg, 30ml

CBD Gift guide 2020

This is definitely one of our most populars and, as with all our products, tastes amazing. It offers 500mg in a 30ml meaning each 1 ml serving size offers a 16mg dose of CBD. Due to the terpenes used, it tastes ‘lemony’ without any added sugars. 

This is made from broad spectrum CBD oil, and we infuse turmeric, omega 3 and 6, Vitamin A and Vitamin D. We like to call it the all in one and it is perfect for those looking for an all in one. 

Our biggest testament of all products is our reviews, we always receive private messages about how its benefited some of our customers:

“…I recently bought the CBD Multivitamin Oil, and its really changed my life. I’ve been having panic attacks constantly for the last 6 weeks and since using the oil I’ve not had any at all, just wanted to thank you so much and I will be ordered constantly…”

Instagram DM from valued customer via @dropsofheal

2. CBD Turmeric Honey, 300mg, 100ml

CBD Gift guide 2020

This honestly is one of the tastiest ways to introduce CBD into your diet. Adding it to your cuppa and drizzling it on your porridge and pancakes – taking CBD has never been easier. This is made from premium broad spectrum CBD oil along with the natural ingredients turmeric and honey which are said to aid inflammation and immunity. This tastes exactly like regular honey with a slight punch of turmeric so you wont be able to taste the hemp.  

This is perfect for people looking to introduce CBD effortlessly into their everyday – a simple swap to reap the benefits!

3. CBD Olive oil, 500mg, 250ml

CBD Gift guide 2020

Introducing the UK’s first CBD Olive oil made with full spectrum CBD Oil. This can be used in everyday cooking and doesn’t come with those strong hemp flavours you would usually associate with CBD.

This contains 500mg of CBD, offering a variety of hemp nutrients such as CBD, CBD-A, CBG and other cannabinoids, naturally occurring vitamin E, and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. You won’t find this anywhere else so snap it up while you can!

4. CBD Joint Relief Cream, 1000mg, 100ml

CBD Gift guide 2020

CBD Joint Relief Cream uses Drops of Heal’s premium THC-free CBD Oil and combines a powerful combination of, formulated with shea butter, olive oil, avocado oil and coconut oil in order to help moisturise the skin, allowing for long-lasting absorption. This CBD Joint Relief Cream is designed to be used on aching joints to help you recover and maintain an active lifestyle.

As the title suggests this is cream based so in comparison to other CBD joint relief products it is far less oily and absorbs much more quickly. Many of our customers review this aiding their arthritis pain so they can continue to play sports.

5. CBD Muscle Rub Gel, 1000mg, 100ml

CBD Gift guide 2020

CBD Muscle Rub Gel uses Drops of Heals premium THC-free CBD Oil and pairs it with ingredients which are known for their anti-inflammatory benefits. This CBD Muscle Rub is designed to be used on tight muscles to help you recover and maintain an active lifestyle.

CBD Muscle Rub Gel is perfect for you if you’re an athlete or simply someone who needs relief from the aches and pains of daily life! Our topical gel is designed for easy application on-the-go and has a beautiful aroma. Our gel contains avocado oil, essential oils and added Vitamin E to absorb more efficiently into the skin for full effect. 

“I’ve been using the CBD Oil every morning and night and its actually been amazing for my anxiety and I’m starting to feel a lot like myself again and seeing things in much more of a positive light like when I was younger.”

Review of new user to CBD, we receive private messages & we keep them anonymous out of respect to our customers.

6. CBD Topical Bundle, 2000mg

CBD Gift Guide 2020

This is perfect for those who live an active lifestyle – including both our CBD Muscle Rub Gel and CBD Joint Relief cream. 

The main different between our Muscle Rub and Joint Relief cream is our Joint Relief Cream is formulated with many natural ingredients including shea butter which gives it a richer consistency and allows for long lasting absorption. Therefore, our cream would be used for a more prolonged effect such as after exercise, at the start of the day or before bed. Our Muscle Rub Gel has an aromatic solution with quick-acting menthol, making it perfect whenever you want an instant soothing dose of CBD. Our gel’s on-the-go application is perfect when you need to tackle those day-to-day aches. 

This is a great gift for grandparents experiencing aches and pains, many of the review we receive share how its helped people with their arthritis and muscle soreness. 

All of the above for just £49.99.

7. CBD Edible Bundle, 1300mg

CBD Gift guide 2020

Any foodies out there into their health and wellness – this is for you! Our Edible products are all holistic blends with a variety of ingredients such as cold pressed olive oil,  vitamin A, vitamin D, anti-inflammatory turmeric, omega 3/6 and MCT’s. Our edible bundle is designed to make it easy and accessibly to lead a healthy active lifestyle through adding extra CBD and cannabinoids into your diet. Our Turmeric Honey & Olive oil are so versatile, they can be used in every-day cooking and don’t come with those strong hempy flavours we usually associate with CBD oils.

The perfect thoughtful Christmas present for any health conscious individual.

All of the above for just £59.99. 

Drops of Heal

If you’re planning to give the gift go wellness this season, why not support a small business. CBD is versatile so at Drops of heal we make sure to have something for everyone, whether you’re into your fitness, a foodie or just keen manage stress and look after your general health – there is something for you. 

If you have any more questions please reach out at, follow us on instagram @dropsofheal and stay blessed.  


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