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Over the past few years, CBD has hit the mainstream with more and more people introducing into their everyday routine. Understandably, many people get confused between what the difference is between hemp and cannabis. The most important thing to remember is that both cannabis and hemp come from the same plant but just different parts. This can be confusing because often the words are used interchangeably, yet they do have separate connotations. Whether you call it hemp or cannabis will depend on a variety of factors which we will explore in this article.

Hemp and Cannabis both originate from the plant species, Cannabis Sativa L. However, they are still very different. So, why aren’t cannabis and hemp considered the same?

Cannabis has 2 major strains – Indica and Sativa. Hemp comes from the variety of Cannabis Sativa plant. Even though they are from the same species they have different applications. 

The main difference is there THC content. THC is the psychoactive part of the plant and the bit thats associated with the ‘high’. Cannabis is high in THC, whereas hemp produces extremely low THC content. In the UK, THC is a controlled substance and therefore all CBD products must contain less than 0.2% THC.

CBD can be sourced from both hemp and cannabis. Hemp produces more CBD than THC, whereas Cannabis produces more THC than CBD. 

What are Hemp and Cannabis Used For?

Hemp is commonly used for fibre (from the plants stems), protein (from seeds), and oils. Hemp contains a wide range of cannabinoids but negligible amounts of THC and therefore is non toxic and non psychoactive. 

Cannabis refers to a group of 3 plants: cannabis sativa, cannabis indica and cannabis ruderalis. Cannabis is made up of unique compounds called cannabinoids, one being CBD. Cannabinoids are chemicals that are able to connect with cannabinoid receptors in our body and brain. The two most abundant cannabinoids are THC, known for is psychoactive properties, and CBD, which is non toxic and non psychoactive. 

CBD Oil, Hemp Seed Oil or Hemp Extract?

CBD Oil contains a high proportion of cannabinoids, commonly CBD, as well as other substances such as terpenes. It is known to help improve overall balance and wellbeing. 

Hemp Seed Oil is present in lots of supermarkets but lacks the cannabinoids. The reason people get confused is because the names are often used interchangably. Hemp seed oil offers its own benefits, containing only half the calories of olive oil and twice the omega 3 content. However hemp oil is not the same as CBD oil and does not contain the cannabinoid profile that CBD oil has. 

Hemp Extract, also known as CBD, does contain CBD and other cannabinoids. However, in the UK, THC is a controlled substance and all CBD products must contain less than 0.2% THC. 

If you’re considering trying out CBD, we advise you to make sure its from a reliable company who can produce 3rd party lab tests.

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