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You may think you know all there is to know about cannabis but did you know there are actually over 400 compounds in cannabis, with over a hundred of these in a class called cannabinoids? In this article we are going to shine a spotlight on one of the lesser known cannabinoids, CBN. Most of us are familiar with CBD, however each cannabinoid plays a crucial role in producing the final product. At Drops of Heal we believe each deserve to explored under their own spotlight to truly understand the potential of cannabis for our health and wellbeing.

What are Cannabinoids?

To put it simply, cannabinoids are chemicals that are able to connect with cannabinoid receptors in our body and brain. In the cannabis plant there are over 130 cannabinoids present which all have their own unique benefits. Most likely, you have heard of the two most abundant cannabinoids in the plant: CBD and THC. CBD has been adopted by people of all ages to support their health and provides many benefits, without the psychoactive effects.

What is CBN?

CBN, known as cannabinol, is a non intoxicating compound. CBN occurs from the decomposition of THC and many believe that it is just a by-product, unworthy of further examination. However, I’m sure if you’re reading this you are aware of the wide array of cannabinoids and the potential benefits each of them hold. Now, when we look at the variety of cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, THCa, CBDa, we always compare it to the more researched cannabinoid CBD. So, how does it compare with CBD?

Researchers have only recently discovered the benefits of CBN recently. Current studies (2020) are investigating the therapeutic effects of CBN and its role in regulating the endocannabinoid system. 

Cannabinoids and Human Health

All natural cannabinoid compounds interact with the human endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a complex cell-signalling system that is active in the body, it plays a role in regulating a range of functions in order to keep our body at homeostatis. This enables our us to adapt to our environments in order to maintain balance. 

It plays a role in regulating mood, appetite, memory, sleep and even reproduction and fertility. Interesting it is also responsibly for inflammation and immune system responses, motor control, skin and nerve and muscle function.

Where Can I Find CBN?

CBN is found in full spectrum CBD, such as our Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Full spectrum means the entire plant cannabinoid profile is included in the final product, including CBD, CBN, CBG,CBDa and less than 0.2% THC. Full Spectrum CBD is often associated with the entourage effect. The entourage effect is the idea that the many components within the cannabis plant interact with the human body to produce a stronger influence than any one of the components alone – also known as a synergistic effect. 

The Future of CBN

CBN is still in its infancy in terms of research but studies have been promising. The future of cannabinoid products relies heavily on further research into these compounds in order to provide reliable education to consumers and businesses. 

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