How can CBD help me manage my stress and anxiety?

How can CBD help me manage my stress and anxiety?


We have all had those nights where it feels like our brain is riddles with stress and anxiety and we can’t seem to switch off. We created Drops of Heal with the sole purpose to help people heal from the inside out. We are passionate about creating CBD experience that help you carve out time for your mind, body and soul with products that taste as good as they feel. A recent survey showed that over lockdown 49% of millennial and Gen Z have increased their use of CBD.

So why are so many people turning to CBD to help with their stress and anxiety? We’re going to answer some of the most common questions we get and hopefully share how CBD can help you in your everyday life.



What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is made by extracting CBD (cannabidiol - a natural compound extracted from the Hemp plant), and partnering it with a carrier oil, such as olive oil, so that it can be better absorbed into the body.


Does CBD oil get you high?

Unlike THC (the psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis), CBD does not get you high.



What is the effect of CBD oil then?

CBD works to regulate our Endocannabinoid System (also known as our ECS). The ECS is a network of receptors in our bodies that play a crucial role in regulating our optimal balance. This includes sleep quality, stress, anxiety, immune system, pain and inflammation. CBD can support and regulate this system, so your mental health can feel more supporting.



When is the best time to take CBD?

Any and all of the time! Some people love to take it in the morning as it can increase focus and productivity; whilst others prefer it as an evening ritual with their dinner to unwind after a hectic day. Just simple add 1 TBSP CBD Olive Oil to your everyday dishes whenever suits you best. 



How do I take CBD Olive Oil?

Exactly as you would regular olive oil! Dosage is very personal, and like caffeine or alcohol, this is different to everyone. When trying for the first time we recommend adding 1 tbsp (or a generous drizzle) of CBD Olive oil over your dish. You don’t need to worry about taking too much as its entirely non psychoactive. 


What does CBD taste like?


This is where Drops of Heal thrives - it tastes EXACTLY like high quality organic extra virgin olive oil so it wont affect the taste of your dishes. We want people to know that CBD doesn’t have to taste bad - it can be an enjoyable and relaxing experience.


Whilst we realise CBD might not solve everyone’s life stressors and anxieties, it provides a lot of people some much needed relaxation after a long day. Dr Julie Moltke, a medical doctor with a focus on mental health, stress management, sleep, and the medicinal cannabis industry, found in a recent study that 75% of those that use CBD for stress relief, found that it does in fact reduce their stress and anxiety, as it ‘slows down the mental overload that comes with these conditions’


CBD, like all cannabinoids, are lipophilic, meaning that they love fat. They are most easily and readily absorbed when paired with a fat such as olive oil.” Emily Kyle, holistic cannabis practitioner and registered dietician.


If you want more information about CBD olive oil, and a look at Drops of Heal, and their innvoative range of great tasting CBD olive oil, find everything you need at

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