I have been passionate about CBD ever since I struggled with trauma and anxiety. My Dad took his own life in 2015 and processing this trauma when I was 17 has led me down a path of learning more about mental health, depression, anxiety and better ways we can look after ourselves, even on our darkest days. There is no way of glamourising struggling with your mental health but if I could bottle up a natural remedy to improve my mind & body, this is what it would look like.

I found CBD whilst looking for a more natural way to treat my daily stressors and turmoil. This gave me a portal to relax and untangle some of the issues I was dealing with at the time. The result was desired but the experience wasn’t pleasant as it wasn’t something I found enjoyable to take or easy to integrate daily. Learning about nutrition and the importance of taking care of our mind, I started researching the best ways to take CBD and what was available at the time. 

I decided to create a CBD Olive oil as not only is olive oil the go-to cooking oil in most homes, but it also enhances the absorption of CBD into the body (without getting too technical!). Our CBD Olive oil range has 4 delicious flavours which anyone and everyone can integrate into their daily diet. You can use Drops of Heal just as you would regular olive oil, drizzling over your salad or roasting your veggies whilst delivering the highest quality CBD. Above all, our CBD olive oil is enjoyed best when shared!

When we speak about healing from the inside out, this means returning our body to its natural balance - if you're struggling with sleep, anxiety, pain, stress, or simply switching off after a hectic work day - we all have things we need to heal from (it's just a part of life!). 


Stay blessed,