About Us

Drops of Heal is a health & wellness brand diversifying the CBD food industry. We make tasty CBD Olive Oil that anyone can integrate daily to maximise the effects of CBD. Passionate about CBD since 2015 when Georgie lost her dad to suicide, it helped her heal from trauma and anxiety. Ever since, spreading the word of CBD and the power it can have on your mental health has been their core mission. With an all organic formulation, crafted in the UK ~ Drops of Heal is on a mental health mission to inspire people to heal from the inside out. We do this using the power of CBD through effective products that enjoyably and effortlessly fit into people's daily lives.

“I knew had to find a natural way to cope with my anxiety and something chemical based didn’t sit well with my ethos of a healthy lifestyle.”

What makes us different?
Drops of Heal is the Uk’s first CBD Olive oil range, born out of a desire to integrate CBD more easily into our everyday lives. When it comes to CBD there can be a lot of additives whether it be preservatives or added sugar and, ultimately, this can affect how you feel. We believe simplicity is key when it comes to our formulas. With just 3 ingredients in our CBD Olive oil, you won’t find anything you can’t pronounce.

"Our mission as a company has always been to help people heal ~ to explore a natural way to coping with stress & anxiety."