a full circle moment

Where it started..

I'm sure many of you can relate to struggling with your mental health. Our journey began when our co-founder Georgie lost her dad to suicide and, after struggling with anxiety herself, CBD was a game changer. We created a CBD range that tastes delicious and fits into our lifestyles & hopefully others too!
WINNER BBC One Gordon Ramsay's Future Food Stars

Hey - its andy! If you're here from Future food stars firstly thanks for checking out what we do. Our goal is to change the way you take CBD whilst making it accessible to everyone! So we added more character, more fun, more colour, more flavour - and ultimately, MORE FEEL-GOOD.

& that brings us to now...

How its going...

...this wasn’t a product that was created overnight - in fact, it took us years to get here. These days, we’re a team of 2 growing to become the go-to CBD food brand, building a community of people celebrating those feel good moments.. together.

Why we do it..

I already feel a lot calmer just using this. Its delicious too!


Love these guys oils I initially opted for the natural which I use in my salad dressings with a bit of balsamic but I recently tried garlic and it was amazing.


I love using this especially when I'm feeling stressed.


You can definitely taste its good quality oil in these. Will purchase again.